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Hot Kitchen Trends for 2016

Whether you’re looking to revamp your tired old kitchen or wanting a full overhaul, we’ve got some tips to keep your kitchen on trend in 2016.


White has been the go-to colour in the kitchen for many years and interior designers are predicting it will be once again in 2016.

However this year it’s on trend to complement white by adding materials, textures and colours in a natural tone to bring a homely feel to room we spend all so much time in. Some options include timber veneer cupboards, natural grain benchtops and concrete and timber or bamboo flooring. One of our favourites at the moment is the Navurban range by New Age Veneer in Toorak.

This beautiful timber veneer with a smooth, natural looking grain adds a subtle texture and will add warmth to any kitchen. This would work wonderfully on lower cabinets as a contrast to bright white overheads cupboards.


In keeping with the natural theme, another trend for kitchens in 2016 is to bring the outside in by adding some greenery to the kitchen. Whether it’s as simple as small potted plant on the benchtop or a hanging herb garden, plants will always add some freshness and a burst of colour. Plus, with edibles you can enjoy the added benefits of having fresh herbs ready to eat right from your kitchen.


Brass, copper and gold are also incredibly popular right now. If you want to stick with a more neutral, classic look overall you can add touches of this year’s trend by opting for copper pendants over an island bench or upgrading to brass tap ware. Another quick and easy option is to add brass, copper or gold tone appliances. Or for a bit of glitz, a bronzed mirrored splash back would add a beautiful feature to the kitchen.


If you’re talking tile and pattern trends for kitchens in 2016 then you’re talking geometric patterns. Splashbacks with hexagonal tiles or rectangular tiles laid in a herringbone pattern will add texture and interest, and are a fun and unique way to add showcase your personality and style in your kitchen. Just be sure to balance the look of the room with some more subtle features if you choose a bold style.

Geometric tiles can also make a gorgeous statement on bathroom floors or walls.


No longer will we be seeing only ceiling lights in the kitchen. This year the trend is for innovative LED strip lighting underneath joinery. This not only adds a little glam to your kitchen, it’s also very practical, adding light to a normally dark area. These lights can be connected up to your light switches, or sensor pads hidden under your overhead cupboards.


It’s time our kitchens reflected how we use technology in 2016. This year new kitchen designs feature a comfortable, user-friendly small desk space. Simply and easily check emails while you’re preparing dinner, keep an eye on the kids while they’re on the Internet or set up your iPad with your favourite Pinterest recipe at the ready for easy reference with a technology nook.

This can be added to the kitchen with matching joinery for an overall seamless and modern look.

Drawers instead of cupboards in the kitchen is also set to be popular. Easier on your back and easier to find things, drawers can be made at any depth to suit your needs with accessories to keep drawers organised.

For more advice on what’s hot in 2016 contact the team at Weston Kitchens and Bathrooms.

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